We create innovative eye and healthcare treatments and prioritize our work based on unmet medical needs and a strong scientific understanding.

Marketing & Distribution

We offer various prescription ophthalmic pharmaceutical products for glaucoma treatments; anti-inflammatory, and combination therapies to treat bacterial, viral, and fungal infections of the eye and to control ocular inflammation; products to treat ocular allergies; and generic ophthalmic and optical pharmaceutical products.

The company’s ophthalmic surgical products include surgical equipment, single-use, and multiple-use products for cataract surgery; vitreoretinal surgical products; surgical procedure packs; and refractive products. Our consumer eye care products consist of contact lens care products, such as artificial tears to treat dry eye syndrome.

The company will market its pharmaceutical products to appointed distributors, wholesales, hospitals, government agencies, retailers, and physicians; surgical products directly to hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers, and through appointed distributors, and contact lens care products to retailers and optical chains, as well as to appointed distributors for resale direct to smaller retailer and eye care professionals.

Research & Development

Partnerships With Leading Institutions

Pharmaceutical research is a risky business: innovative ideas can crash and burn on their way to becoming a new drug – or be a success and enable patients to live a better life.

We carry out R&D through in-house development, partnerships with leading institutions, acquisitions, and in-licensing. The strategy behind our efforts is a precise scientific approach that helps us determine which technologies will enter our R&D portfolio.

SKT Healthcare Pharmaceuticals experts are cooperating with top scientists from around the globe to jointly develop creative approaches for new drug products to treat and care for a variety of diseases and ailments.

Research Areas and Product Development Focus

SKT Healthcare Pharmaceuticals’s leadership and future growth is driven by breakthrough innovation. Our focus is to continue to build trusted partnerships with healthcare professionals around the world, offering a diversified yet focused product portfolio that serves the full lifecycle of patient needs.

We create innovative eye and healthcare treatments and prioritize our work based on unmet medical needs and a strong scientific understanding of eye diseases and conditions. We are able to focus on the discovery and identification of new eye care solutions and treatments for the future.